This website was created for showcase purposes only. Look at the Trustprofile widgets and sidebars to get an idea of how they could look on your own website.

Check out our widgets!

They come in different sizes, have various content options, and let you customize to match your needs. Take a closer look at what we offer and see what fits your website best!

The Button text widget

Persuasive when words matter. Shows that your rating is based on others’ opinions.

The Button starts widget

Perfect for when visuals speak louder than words. People like seeing stars.

The Button logo widget

Shows you’re not alone in this game, and Trustprofile has your back.

The Default widget – compact

It’s clear and confident, displaying the logo, reviews, stars, and score—it’s got it all.

[TRUSTPROFILEWIDGET layout=new_default theme=dark color=#4655D2 show=no view=slider amount=6 width=manual width_amount=280px height=78px interval=5000 language=eng]

The Trustprofile Logo Banner

This banner clicks perfectly with the website’s footer. They stick together. Just hover over it.

Webshop Trustmark

The Logo Banner – compact

Lack of space? That’s not an excuse! You can still show trust, even in small footers.

Webshop Trustmark

The Button logo with score widget

Your high rating is more than just a number. It’s also validated by Trustprofile.

The Button small widget

Ideal when space is limited but persuasion is key. You click for more details—it’s clear.

The Balloon widget

Don’t be misled by its size. The speech bubble shape tells what’s the number about.

Product reviews

The product reviews collected through Trustprofile utilize your shop’s native product review functionality, which means the appearance of the reviews will naturally blend with your shop’s design.

Carousel widgets

Make your review display more interactive for curious customers. These widgets show trust information clearly and attractively, making it easy for your customers to see what they need.

The Default widget

  • Choose between the list or slider layouts
  • Adjust the width of the widget
  • Select the number of reviews displayed

The Badges widget

  • Automatically displays the badge after you get it
  • Access to all the info about the badges in one click
  • Adjust the size of the widget

Hear it from our customers

A very smooth and reliable review system. Up to now, I am very satisfied with it and they also provide excellent service for any questions.

– Peter D. CEO of Bike Monkey

I’m a very happy user of Trustprofile for my online business. It’s user friendly and it has a no nonsense dashboard. When I needed it, the customer service was helpful and accurate. Reasonably priced.

– Pablo H. CEO of Florespana

We found Trustprofile and we are stuck with them, we loved them. Nice attitude, available support team that helps you out, and basically we are having a great fast experience with them, so far.

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